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Join us from January 17 to 21 at Brussels Auto Show, the largest automotive event in the Benelux! Explore 50,000 square meters of automotive spectacle in 5 halls of Brussels Expo, featuring hypercars, supercars, showcars, mobility congresses, motorcycles, trucks, and a breathtaking 'Car Catwalk' in Palace 5. Experience the premiere of a new tradition in Brussels during the first edition of the new Brussels Auto Show.

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With an area of 50,000 square meters, this January event promises not only to be the ultimate day out for car enthusiasts but also for the whole family. Admire the most beautiful car, motorcycle, and truck creations, not only on themed squares and at various stands but also on the stunning 1.5-meter-high and 80-meter-long Catwalk in Palace 5. Get ready to meet your favorite special guests, including British supercar vlogger Shmee150, the biggest Dutch YouTuber Enzo Kol, and POG from Belgium. Of course, they are bringing their own, or even multiple, supercars! Additionally, you've never seen so many hypercars, sometimes worth more than 4 million euros, gathered together as during this first edition of BAS. But there's more! During weekdays, various mobility congresses will take place, while other days will focus on exploring mobility, charging systems, and the latest technological developments. And every day, there will be a lot of attention on e-sports, gaming, and lifestyle.

Brussels Auto Show opens on Wednesday, January 17, with an exclusive Preview Night, including the option for a VIP package. Don't miss the special evenings on Thursday, January 19, and Friday, January 19, and enjoy the weekend BAS, open from 10:00 to 18:00. At BAS, the earlier you order your tickets, the more economical it is. However, be alert, as seats are limited. Reserve all your tickets now by day and time slot and ensure yourself an unforgettable experience at the Brussels Auto Show!

The inaugural Brussels Auto Show is brought to you by 402 Automotive and is not affiliated with FEBIAC, the organizer of the AutoSalon/European Motor Show Brussels, which was previously held at Brussels Expo until 2023.


    In Palace 5 of the Brussels Expo, you can enjoy the 1.5m high and 80m long Car Catwalk powered by Meguiars. This unique catwalk elevates the automotive experience to new heights, both literally and figuratively. 

    No ordinary cars here, but exclusive models that blend luxury and brute speed. In addition to the Aston Martin Valkyrie, Pagani Huayra, and the beastly McLaren Senna GTR, there will also be plenty of supercars from brands like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Audi, Mercedes, and many more!
    Prepare for a meeting with some of your favorite special guests at the Brussels Auto Show, including the renowned British supercar vlogger Shmee150, the Dutch YouTube sensation Enzo Knol, and the Belgian automotive influencer POG.
    Explore the cutting-edge world of innovation and technology shaping the next generation of vehicles. With inspiring guest speakers during the Mobility Congresses, we share the latest trends and ideas influencing the future of mobility.
    Discover the magic of the silver screen during the Brussels Auto Show! On our special Movie Car Square, more than 15 movie cars shine, including icons from Fast & Furious!
    Explore various areas with an impressive lineup of bikes, including powerful Hayabusas, the most creative KTM models, rugged Kawasakis, stylish BMW models, and much more!
    Experience the nostalgic vibes at the Brussels Auto Show, where classic cars and youngtimers are part of the showcars! Come face to face with rolling gems full of history and character.
    Get ready for the unveiling of various premieres at the Brussels Auto Show, where different dealers and brands may lift the veil on brand-new models!
    Within the Brussels Expo, we showcase impressive trucks and other transport vehicles. Do you have a unique truck creation of your own? Sign up and shine with your transport gem on the Brussels Auto Show stage.

    The provision of charging facilities and the capacity of the underlying grid must be rapidly scaled up to meet the increasing demand. At Congres Laadinfra '24, dozens of leading speakers will share their knowledge, experience, and vision with over 350 stakeholders involved in this process. Visit their website via: 


    The Auto Mobility Summit will take place on Wednesday, January 17, 2024 between 3:00 PM and 6:00 PM. The conference is primarily focused on facilitating networking opportunities, where various guest speakers will guide you through the landscape of the vehicles and technology industry.


    Explore a diverse selection of pre-owned cars at the Pre-Owned Pavilion during the Brussels Auto Show. From timeless classics to recently used cars and supercars, there's something for everyone. Find your perfect pre-owned car at the Brussels Auto Show. Visit the page here!


    At the Brussels Auto Show, the spotlight is on performance powerhouses and stunning creations in car styling. Whether your preference is a widebody Supra on Airride or a 700+ HP Volkswagen Golf, there's something to cater to every taste.


    Discover stylish fashion, exclusive watches, and culinary delights at the VIP pavilion of the Brussels Auto Show. Indulge in luxury clothing, admire exquisite watches, and savor delicious food in an elegant setting. A VIP experience that tantalizes the senses and exudes sophistication.


    Rally cars, Formula 1 cars, circuit cars, and much more on the various motorsport squares, powered by

    Immerse yourself in the world of esports and gaming in Hall 9 with various racing simulators where you can take the driver's seat yourself or try out a genuine F35 simulator from the Belgian army, or get acquainted with the latest games.

    During the Brussels Auto Show, you have the opportunity to take two laps around the Bahrain (Sakhir) International Circuit with none other than the seven-time world champion, Lewis Hamilton. Let yourself be enchanted by the speed and precision with which this official Mercedes W14 simulator races around the circuit during the Brussels Auto Show!


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