B2B Mobility Conference: A Summary

B2B Mobility Conference: A Summary

As the snowflakes gently descended outside the Brussels Expo on January 17, 2024, the atmosphere inside Palace 7 buzzed with excitement. The occasion was none other than the highly anticipated Automobility Conference, a cornerstone of the Brussels Auto Show, sponsored by CA Auto Bank and Deftpower and supported by the insightful contributions of McKinsey & Company.

The stage was set, and almost 200 industry professionals, CEOs, B2B leaders, fleet managers, scientists, VIPs, and press had gathered to embark on a journey into the future of the automobility sector.

The narrative unfolded under the guidance of Eric-Mark Huitema, Chairman of the Advisory Board, who welcomed everyone with a warmth that countered the chilly weather outside. The conference's first chapter came to life with a captivating keynote by Mike Johnstone, Vice President & Chief Commercial Officer of Group Lotus. His words, combining excitement with electromobility, echoed through the room, setting the tone for an afternoon filled with insights and revelations.

As the plot thickened, Andreas Tschiesner, Leader of the Global Automotive Sector at McKinsey & Company, took the stage. In a panel presentation, he delved into the intricate details of "The Future of Automobility," leaving the audience with a tapestry of ideas to ponder.

The narrative took an academic turn with Prof. Dr. Maarten Messagie, Professor of Mobility at Brussels University VUB, offering a second keynote on "Scientific Innovation in Automobility." His words not only resonated within the conference hall but also laid the groundwork for a sustainable future for the automotive industry.

The storyline then shifted to innovative green mobility solutions, as Giacomo Carelli, CEO of CA Auto Bank, took part in a compelling interview, moderated by the Chairman of the BAS Advisory Board. The speakers in this panel, including industry luminaries like Olivier Sermeus from ASTARA, Daniela Beriava from CA Autobank Belgium, Tim Bosmans from Mazda, and Yannick Etcheverry from Drivalia, engaged in a lively discussion about the intersection of innovation and green mobility.

The third panel, introduced by Andrew Hart, CEO of SBD Automotive, unfolded the story of "From independent data to smart, safe, and sustainable mobility." It paved the way for a gripping discussion on electromobility, data, and charging in the automotive world, featuring prominent figures like Jacob van Zonneveld from Deftpower, Henry Wattel from SMART, Viktor Van Eeckhoudt from Electra, and Jeroen-Vincent Nagels, co-founder of Travor Motorcycles, offering a unique perspective from the world of EV Motorcycles.
As the plot reached its climax, Philipp Schiemer, former-AMG CEO of Mercedes Benz, delivered an exclusive keynote on "Exclusive Customer Engagement for Exceptional Cars." The narrative concluded on a high note with Joost Vantomme, CEO of ERTICO - ITS Europe, providing a closing keynote on "Intelligent Transportation Solutions and Sustainability."

The curtain fell on a successful Automobility Conference, but the story continued into the evening with the VIP Opening and Car Catwalk in Palace 5, with a stage and runway,
showcasing new releases and exclusive cars for the region. The spectators, including OEM executives, press, and the public, immersed themselves in the cutting-edge world of automobility innovation.

And so, the tale of the Automobility Conference at the Brussels Auto Show became a new chapter in the ongoing saga of automotive evolution—a narrative of ideas, innovation, and a shared vision for a sustainable and exciting future.